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Sam did my wedding photos in NYC and it was nothing short of perfection!! He totally saw my view and went with it. My husband and I wanted the real us to show in our photos and Sam 1000% delivered. Him and his assistant took the time to go prior to Central Park and map out all our stops to keep us on time. They took so much thought and care into our shoot and I really cannot thank him enough! Our family and friends are all obsessed with the outcome! If you want a photographer who cares and takes your wants and needs into mind 100%, Do yourself a favor give Sam a call. I promise you will not regret it!

-Amanda G.


Sam made the day enjoyable and made it feel very organic, which showed in the pictures. He knew what works for us, was professional, prepared, and cared about us getting exactly what we wanted! Can't wait to have him do more special occasions for me! THANKS SAM!

-Diana E.

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Sam was amazing, nothing short of professional and dedicated. He catered to all of my preferences and offered advice which helped a lot. He was very involved and also let me be involved, by asking me what I liked and didn’t like so he could make each photo perfect for me. I love how my pictures came out! I would recommend Sam to any and everybody!

-Audrey A.

"SAM WAS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! From the beginning of the process he was super professional and just ‘real’. When it got closer to our big day for our photoshoot he actually went to the areas we wanted to shoot at and scoped out what would be best so we wouldn’t waste time during our shoot. One of the best parts of our photo shoot was that there was no time limit. We didn’t take HOURS but we kept it moving. Sam and his team never rushed us or made us feel like we were exhausting him for more pictures. He is the perfect hype man and you constantly saw the juices flowing when we started posing/he got a really good shot. Some members from Sam’s team were involved in our shoot and they were just as fabulous. They were SO into what was going on and would feed off of each other to get the perfect shot for us. You can tell Sam and his team absolutely love what they do. Sam is so kind, compassionate and patient. In conclusion ***USE SAM for your next shoot… or even your next five!!! You won’t regret it."

-Maranda G.

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